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FFS Olympics | Sandcastles on the Beach

If you thought the competition ended when the Dream Destination winners were announced, think again.

The St. Regis Beach was FFS Olympics competitors were divided among four teams: The RED team, lead by Phil Gerlicher, the GREEN team, lead by Meg Jones, the BLUE team, lead by Vince Rokose, and the YELLOW team, lead by Andy Fiorenza.

The teams were challenged with building and presenting their most creative sand structure. Imagination and teamwork were the key components in this competition, as were high energy and endurance. The heat took its toll on many of these sandcastle-building warriors, but they fought long and hard until the very end.

After 2 ½ hours of sculpting with sand, water, buckets, sticks, leaves, and anything else they could find, the judging began:

  • The YELLOW team introduced us to Tito the turtle, who was slow to start because he wasn’t following the FFS system. Once he recognized his faults, he turned himself around and won his FFS Champions Club ring, proving that even if you’re slow to start, no one can stop your progress. “The ring is the thing!”

  • The BLUE team welcomed us to the Kingdom of FFS where agents enter through the gates and cross the bridge, representing the FFS filters. Mini soldiers protect the fort and guide you along the way. The agents who reach the capital are those that work hard and achieve success by becoming financially independent, all the while as they change the face of insurance.

  • The RED team expanded on Tito the turtle’s story. Once Tito turned himself around he made his way to DDC16. Now he’s determined to move from one amazing event to the next, Leader’s Convention 2016. He’ll get there with the help and support of his leader, Phil, and the great product providers. Tito may have won his ring with Team Yellow, but he’ll be recognized at the Leader’s Convention 2016 with the RED team!

  • Last but not least, Team GREEN led us through the circle of life. They used everything they had available to offer protection for their clients, including Life Scope and Life 360. Their “See You At The Top” reference was clearly a tie-in to the fact that, as an agent, you can only reach the center of the fort by becoming an FFS agent and having access to great providers who offer proprietary products.

The FFS Olympics competition was fierce, but after much deliberation, TEAM BLUE was declared the winner.

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