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Dive Into Cozumel

Cozumel, Mexico’s largest inhabited island, sits in the Caribbean just off the Yucatán Peninsula. It’s an island paradise with plenty of modern-day amenities. You’ll have a plenty of options to make the most of this stop on your DDC19 itinerary! Relax on the beach, enjoy a sightseeing tour, browse the local shops, or indulge in the island’s unique cuisine drawing from French, Spanish, and Mayan influences.

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An island paradise

with plenty of

modern-day amenities.

Take a Dive!

Surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, Cozumel is the ultimate scuba diver’s paradise. Famed oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau, made Cozumel famous with his discovery of Palancar, part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Exploring this underwater habitat is the island’s main tourist activity. Pristine water offers amazing views of angelfish, parrotfish, sea turtles, and other marine life that call this reef home. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Cozumel’s barrier reefs are one of the top scuba diving locations in the world!

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Pristine views of marine life make Cozumel’s barrier reefs one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations!

Catch a Wave!

If you prefer to stay on top of the water, head over to the east side of the island where the breaking surf is ideal for sports enthusiasts. If you don’t already know how to surf, don’t sweat it. With its soft rolling waves and undeveloped beaches, Cozumel is the ideal place to learn to surf like a pro.

Or Just Spend the Day Relaxing

Looking for a more carefree way to spend your time? No worries. The west side of the island offers tranquil waters ideal for sunbathing and occasional dips in the surf. You can also catch a sightseeing tour or check out the local shops, known for handmade clothing and silver jewelry.

And, of course, no day on an island paradise would be complete without amazing food! Cozumel will tempt your taste buds with its unique and delicious cuisine that blends Mayan, French, and Spanish flavors.

Cozumel is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of the Dream Destination Conference 2019!


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