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DDC24 Qualifiers Will Get to Discover the Thrills of Scape Park

Embark on an Adventure of a Lifetime

Imagine zipping across lush canopies, the wind against your face, and a heart full of adrenaline – this is just a glimpse of what awaits you at Scape Park, the ultimate destination for DDC24 qualifiers!

A True Mix of Adventure & Culture

As a top agent, you’ve earned your place in the sun where the green of the forests meets the deep blues of the Caribbean Sea. Scape Park offers an authentic cultural route that not only thrills but educates, with traditional Dominican homes that invite you to step back in time.

Zip Line into Eco Adventure

One of the highlights, the Zip Line Eco Adventure, promises to send you soaring over magnificent capes and verdant jungles. It’s not just an activity; it’s an airborne journey through the heart of the Dominican wilderness.

Dive into the Crystal Blue

After your aerial escapades, cool off in the Hoyo Azul, a natural lagoon with waters as clear as crystal. It’s a serene spot for reflection and relaxation after the high-energy exploits of the day.

Explore the Mystical Iguabonita Cave

Satisfy your inner explorer by delving into the Iguabonita Cave, where ancient secrets and geological wonders await. It’s a transformative experience that connects you with the earth’s most primal beauty.

Get Ready to Feel Nature

At Scape Park, nature isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an immersive experience. Whether you’re traversing suspension bridges or bathing in the waterfall of Salto Azul, every moment is a fresh embrace with the natural world.

Do Something Unique

And for those looking for something truly unique, take the cultural route for a taste of local heritage, or saddle up for a horseback ride with unparalleled views.

Embrace the Challenge

Scape Park is not just another item on your travel bucket list; it’s a challenge. A challenge to dare, to learn, and to grow. It’s a reward that mirrors the passion and dedication you’ve shown as a top agent.

Join Us for the Dream Destination Conference 2024

This is your call to adventure. Scape Park is more than just a destination; it’s a testament to your achievements. So, pack your spirit of adventure, bring your appetite for awe, and join us for DDC24 at Scape Park, where the thrills are as limitless as the skies above!


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